Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth-Friendly Thuggery

'Sup? Lately I've been thinking - the countless evenings spent cruisin' the hood and looking for rivals to smoke and punk-suckas to jack up are taking a toll on the environment, and my wallet! '64 Impalas aren't known for their great gas-mileage, and at $3.50 a gallon for unleaded? SHEESH!! I brought this up in last week's meeting. As a result, my fellow Psycho 7s and I decided that we, as THE R.P. Alpha-gang and integral members of the community, need to set a good example for our neighbors by reducing our carbon footprint.

We tried taking mass-transit for few days, but the "No weapons, no loud music, no cussing" rules were really cramping our style. Besides, trying to coordinate our daily exploits around the bus schedule is not easy! Missing a knife fight because the bus was late is no way to maintain street cred, and when you can see the bus from a mile away it kinda negates the element of surprise. So we scrapped the bus idea.

Finally, we determined that we could kill two birds with one stone by rollin' thru the hood on bikes! We can now help save the earth and still look tough doing it! Best of all, Lupe, our gang treasurer, reports that our "new gold chain and NBA jersey" budget is back in the black! Here's me straddling my new ride. Any ideas on how I can mount Andrei, my AK-47? Now we'll strike fear into the hearts of punk-suckas everywhere when they see the posse rollin' down the street in V-formation...



Joey said...

I'm not sure how you make it around the block with that Head! Looks like you're a bit top heavy, if you will. LOL

You best get hooked up with an alarm system on that hoopty before it's swiped!

I'm sure your AK-47 would fit nicely in a bike basket on the front.

T-Loco said...

it's just a optical illusion, of course, i have been told that i have a big head...
I'm not worried about an alarm, EVERYONE knows that it's my bike..and if they don't, they'll know soon enough when i start poppin' caps!