Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Y'all better check yourselves!!

'Sup? Now that we are living in Rose Park, I'd thought it would be a good idea to try and blend in. I've since joined the Psycho 7 Crips, but i think my crew is starting to figure out that I'm not Crip material. I don't know why, it could be due to my skinny 5' 7" frame, or maybe because I'm may be a little too violent, is that possible for a gang banger? Nonetheless, I've since received several new tats, learned some nifty gang signs, and received a cool new nickname, T-Loco. I'm having a great time, participated in my first drive-by, and the UPS guy just delivered my new AK-47 (see above). It's amazing what you can get from Craig's List.

We now control everything from 600 North to 1000 North and from Redwood to 1200 West.

I'm considering creating my own gang. JRPP, or Jewish Rose Park Posse. Instead of bandannas we will wear yarmulkes, and rather than "jumping" someone in, I'll make them eat Kosher for a month! Word! RP Holmes!

Stay tuned for more tales from the 'hood.

1 comment:

Mr. E Mann said...

Hahaha. You could also attack people with your talk of money or physical ailments.