Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Four Years

I love this image, because this is exactly what I feel when I think about the possibilities the next four years bring. Whether or not you voted for Obama, I hope everyone can come together to help bring about positive change for our country and the world.

(image from Obey Giant)


Marci McDaniel said...

Amen sister! I could not have expressed my feelings better.

Gatsby said...

I also love this image. Shephard Fairey is my favorite artist ever.

And Obama is my favorite president elect ever.

Anonymous said...

Great poster...not great man. Do you still feel that way about him being your favorite president ever? I mean, you posted that in Nov, 2008. How could he have possibly been your favorite president ever then...or even now for that matter?

Sometimes I feel I'm the only 'creative/designer/artsy' person that thinks for himself politically and not automatically defaulting to the popular liberal nut job.

Matsby said...

It says "president elect". It was ironic. But he is currently my favorite president from the last ten years.