Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is that really necessary?

I hate leaf blowers, and I make no apology for it. You can give me reasons why you think they are the greatest invention ever, I will still hate them. They are loud, polluting, energy-wasters.

Raking is enjoyable. Raking is good exercise. Raking makes your lawn healthier. Raking could prevent me from strangling you at 7:00 AM. 'Nuff said.


Astrid said...

I agree. I think they're stupid. It's like it's okay to pollute the earth a little more just to be lazy. I'm glad it's pretty much just the city council that has got them here.

Dawnell said...

Since there are 8 zillion trees the leaf blowers are always out in full force here. From what I've experienced the goal is to blow the leaves back onto the trees because our bushes are always covered when they've finished "cleaning" the leaves up.

PS You profile picture is really cute.

Gatsby said...

I think the whole idea is that is makes the person holding it feel very powerful.

Because like you I find them annoying and unnessisary.

But if someone offered to let me try theirs, I would be excited to.

tom said...

raking makes me sore

Aaron and Lisa said...

Amen,sis. I think the same question every time I see them.

Fagerlunds said...

I've never thought about leaf blowers before, but I agree!